Active Shooter with UHaul Filled with Fireworks, Attacks Sonic Drive-Thru. Was Arrested for Theft from Same Restaurant Days Prior

Last night, this man pulled into a Sonic Drive-Thru in a UHaul which was filled with fireworks. After lighting the vehicle on fire, he entered the building wearing a helmet and bullet proof vest and shot four restaurant employees, murdering two of them.

A 17 year old girl was shot in the head. A 25 year old male was alsp taken to the hospital. No information on the other two victims is available at this time.

He was arrested a few days ago on November 18th for stealing $57 worth of food on the Sonic App at the same store.

There is still a lot we don’t know. This happened in my area (Bellevue is part of the Omaha metro area).

It sounds like this piece of shit seriously did all of this because he was pissed about being caught stealing. It wasn’t even the employees who called the police, it was the person who’s Sonic App login he stole from.

What is wrong with people? Clearly he is suffering from severe mental illness. He’s smiling in his mug shot.