Alicia Dawson, Michael Fox, Harry Bell, Terry Funnell, Dominic Pudney, David Swain,

Though not going to the extent of pushing open any doors with her bum (C8) to avoid COVID contact, Alicia Dawson of Balmain observes that she appears to be one of the cautious few in her neighbourhood still wearing a mask. “This was acknowledged the other day by the only other mask-wearing shopper in the supermarket when he commented: ‘You and I are a dying breed.’ I know what he meant, but sure wish he’d put it differently.”

The venerable Harry Bell of Bowral offers the following for Michael Sinclair. “A farm (C8) is a piece of land where a farmer grows crops. A station may, in modern times, include some farming land, but is traditionally a large area of land devoted to grazing (and/or raising) livestock, traditionally, sheep or cattle. This occupation is carried out by a grazier. A smaller holding, too small to be dignified by the description ‘station’, is simply a ‘property’.”

Alternatively, Terry Funnell of Parramatta suggests the difference between a farm and a station (C8) “depends on the width of the brim of the owner’s hat.”

Working in a pathology lab Michael Fox of Gerringong has definitely noticed an increase in pregnancies this year. “It got me thinking of some possible baby names to commemorate this remarkable year. Since it’s fashionable for people to give their kids ‘unique’ names these days I thought Vaxine and Quarantine for girls and Mask or Cov for boys would be nice.” Granny would like to also offer up Dolly as a contender for baby names for 2021, given that Dolly Parton’s US$1 million donation helped fund Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine research.

A challenge has been issued by Dominic Pudney of Collaroy Plateau, aged 10, who asks, “Am I the youngest kid to be published in Granny’s?” The answer, it would appear from Granny’s search of the archives since the mid-1980s, is yes. A search for the youngest reader in June 2014 came close, with Hannah McLoughlin (aged 12) and Brad Neimann (aged 11). The game is afoot.