Army general on ‘special leave’ after high-flying wife’s arrest for fraud

SANDF spokesperson Col Louis Kirstein said: “The SANDF does not speculate on the outcome nor the progress of any investigation until it is presented to the authority of the law, which is in this case the court.”

A letter to Ndhlovu, dated October 19 and seen by TimesLIVE, states: “It was brought to the chief of the SANDF’s attention that on October 14, the spouse of Maj-Gen Ndhlovu was arrested for alleged serious criminal activities. She appeared in court and was released on bail. In this case, the department of defence is one of the complainants.”

It continues: “Based on the above allegations and the fact that the member forms part of the SA Military Health Services command council and sometimes represents the surgeon-general at military command council meetings, the chief of the SANDF was advised to give the member a precautionary leave of absence.”

The letter gave Dabula a day to report that he had actually placed Ndhlovu on special leave.

Ntsondwa-Ndhlovu’s arrest follows a tender allegedly being awarded by the SANDF to her company, Umkhombe Marine, to transport SANDF equipment back to SA from other African countries. The contract value was about R24m.

Ntsondwa-Ndhlovu allegedly provided false information or documents as part of the tender process.

Thereafter she was awarded another contract of R103m, again to transport SANDF equipment. “But the soldiers were recalled from service and this led to the cancellation of the second contract,” Ngwema said.

Ntsondwa-Ndhlovu then claimed R30m expenses from the SANDF, saying this was what her costs were before the cancellation.

In 2016 when Nombasa Ntsondwa-Ndhlovu received defence tenders, her husband Noel Ndhlovu was at the time the person responsible for authorising all mission contracts.