Coronavirus live updates: Sports should be deconfinement priority, Olympians, Paralympians say

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“Especially for our vulnerable children and adolescents, we ask that organized sport be a priority sector in the stages of deconfinement, everywhere in Quebec,” they write. “On the wire of the pandemic, sport is the balance that allows us not to tip over.”

In a statement, Julie Gosselin, president of SPORTSQUÉBEC, a non-profit coalition that promotes sports in the province, said sports improve people’s lives.

“Organized sports are much more than just sports” – they help improve “comprehensive health, made up of physical, mental and emotional health.”

About four million Quebecers take part in sports, “from beginner athletes to elite athletes, from parents who see their children flourish to the elderly who keep fit.” In addition, there are tens of thousands of coaches, officials, volunteers and student sports enthusiasts.