Fitness: Get your back up with some exercise

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Specifically, the researchers recommend what they refer to as “active therapies,” like Pilates, weight training, core stabilization exercise and aerobic conditioning, where the individual is “guided (and) actively encouraged to move and exercise in a progressive fashion.”

Physical function seemed to improve most with a training regimen that included weight training, core stabilization training, yoga, Pilates, water-based training and/or cardiovascular conditioning. Cardiovascular conditioning and weight training were deemed the most effective exercise options for improving mental health.

Before you decide to forgo your current back treatment plan in favour of hitting the gym, keep in mind that slow and steady should be your mantra. And let’s not forget trial and error. One of the important takeaways from the data collected by the Australian researchers is that there’s no shortage of exercise options when it comes to making your back feel better. So go ahead and experiment, giving yourself permission to mix and match workouts.