Humidex of 26? A possible thunderstorm? Just your average summer day in October

Time to play.

After a cold and wet week, it’s time to warm up and dry out with a spectacular day ahead.

Today’s forecast has the high reaching 21 C and the humidex (remember that thing?) pushing the ‘feels like’ all the way up to 26.

The highest temperature that Environment and Climate Change Canada has on record for October 23 was reached back in 1979 when the mercury hit 24.6 C.

Skies will clear this morning but cloud over again later in the day, so when the sun is out you may really want to take a break in order to enjoy a few rays and some fresh air.

Tonight’s low will drop all the way down to 5 C  and there’s a risk of a thunderstorm after midnight.

Expect winds and wind gusts between 20 – 40 km/h throughout the day.

Tomorrow – to be perfectly blunt – won’t be very nice. After a day in the double digits, Saturday’s high will only be 6 C. Showers should end in the morning and the sky will once again clear. Tomorrow’s low will drop all the way down to -3 C.

Sunday will also be chilly with a high of only 5 C but the sun should be out in full force, so there’s that.

Sunday night the temperature drops to -3 C again and there’s the chance of – brace yourself – flurries.

Monday won’t be fun if you have to head outside – the high will be 3 C and expect rain and/or flurries. Monday’s low will be near 2 C.

The temperature bumps up, if only a little, to 7 C on Tuesday. It’s another wet one with a 60 per cent chance of rain.

Tuesday night’s low will be right around freezing.

Wednesday’s high will be 6 C and there’s again a 60 per cent chance of rain and/or snow. The temperature drops to 1 C Wednesday night.

Thursday, which seems so very far away from right now, looks sunny.

So-called normals for this time of the year are highs near 10 C and lows of about 2 C.

It’s the 297th day of the year, meaning there’s now less than 20% of 2020 remaining.

Happy Friday!