Intermediate resources orderlies seek pay parity with CHSLD counterparts

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Consequently, the ARIHQ is arguing that they should have a salary equal to workers in CHSLDs. With the current government supplement, intermediate resources orderlies earn $18 an hour (up from $14 in normal times) whereas those in CHSLDs make $26 an hour.

“We’re calling for equal pay for equal work,” Pratte said.

In an interview, Voyer agreed that the work of an orderly is complex regardless of where it is performed.

“What the report doesn’t address is the question of intensity,” he told the Canadian Press. “We didn’t do time-motion studies to see how much time orderlies spent with each resident.”

But he said all orderlies face challenges in their workspaces.

Orderlies in intermediate resources, unlike those in other settings, don’t require specialized training to work.

The ARIHQ believes that there should be a base of training for all orderlies, but that it’s hard to demand that investment when the average salary is just $14 an hour.

Voyer said the issue of training kept coming up in his interviews, with orderlies in all settings saying they weren’t sufficiently trained to carry out their complicated tasks.

“They were clear,” Voyer said. ” ‘We have a difficult role and our training is insufficient, we need continued training’.”