Missing, Murdered and unidentified grateful dead fans.

Nine people have gone missing or have been found dead with the only single evidence is something related to the band The Grateful Dead. In 1985, after a Dead concert, 22-year-old New Yorker Mary Giola and 18-year-old Connecticut resident Greg Kniffin decided to stay over at a homeless enclave outside San Francisco dubbed Rainbow Village. But while there, they were beaten and killed. One man was accused and eventually convicted of the murders, although the prosecution had no weapon, no witnesses nor any DNA evidence. It was all circumstantial. Over the years, people in the Deadhead community murmured that the wrong man was convicted. But once Lindsey began digging, another potential suspect popped up. (thanks ajc for this)

I stumbled upon this case(s) due to the podcast Dead and gone. I'm a huge fan of music and crime so this peaked my interest. Those who are aware of this case, let's talk about it!

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