My acquaintance who was murdered last year : TrueCrime


To this day, the murderer has not been found.

“During a press conference Friday, Sheriff Salazar announced that Gonzales was reported missing some time in mid-November.

San Antonio Police handled the discovery of the remains initially but have since turned the case over to the sheriff’s office, which is working with Crime Stoppers to help find the people responsible for her death.

She was last seen in the 100 block of Basswood near West Avenue on November 10th.

Her father Eddie Gonzales says she never showed up for work and her phone went silent.

“I got a lot of anger inside me,” said Gonzales. “I feel depressed. I still can’t believe it. This whole time, I thought my daughter was still around. I thought she had just left with her boyfriend or something. I never thought I was going to hear this type of news.”

He went on to say his daughter’s bank account hasn’t been touched.

“I just hope they get caught and they pay,” said Gonzales. “[I hope] they get what they deserve.”